News and Human Cargo at Theatr Mwldan

The first Syrian family in Cardigan are happy and settling in well. The parents volunteer and are learning English fast, and Maes Glas Football team has a new goal keeper!

Would you like to help welcome a second family? If so please get in touch. We will need a range of skills from befriending to teaching English to parents or children, to keeping everyone organised!

We are also seeking any Arabic speakers with a little time to spare.

We will be at Theatr Mwldan on the evening of Human Cargo if you would like to come and talk to us and find out more

The show incorporates local stories of (inward and outward) migration, which form part of the Parallel Lives project: http:// thetransportsproduction.co.uk/ parallel-lives where you can see that historic and modern-day stories from around Cardigan have been included and will be part of the show on the night.

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